The Adventures of Spanky
DEC Sep 2004
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Sunday , September 5 , 2004
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The Adventures of Spanky

8/19 - I just made a cool new background image for the news page! It's a tilted dot-matrix round-pixeled Spanky! d:D-'=p< He rox. Also, I have added an about page, so go check that out.

8/2 - There, the links page is now up and running. Go and enjoy the cornucopia of humor I have linked forth. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on Keenspace to e-mail me the confirmation of my forum account... you'd think it'd do it instantaneously, but noooo... Once that's done, I'll get the forum up and running. Enjoy!

7/29 - I've got the news page set up and running, figured my page needed something more than just the comic showing. Anywho, my name is Tamas McCoy, and this is my comic, The Adventures of Spanky. I have comics enough to last all the way through August even if I don't make any between now and then (although, rest assured, I will). I hope you enjoy the comic as much as I enjoy making it. Feel free to e-mail me by clicking on the Spanky logo on the side menu and letting me know your thoughts on the comic. I should be getting a forum set up shortly, and hopefully I'll get off my lazy butt and put together a list of webcomics to link to for the links page. Anywho, enough rambling from me, enjoy the comic!